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Four Surprising Ways You Rely On Copper Everyday

Updated: May 11, 2023

Copper pipes used to supply water

There are many reasons to be grateful for the powerful and distinctive traits of copper, especially in the form of copper tubing. While copper tubes are used in countless industries for infinite applications, here are four common ways you rely on copper tubing in your everyday life.

Water Distribution:

Copper remains among of the best materials in water service and distribution because of its unique properties. Unlike iron or steel, copper does not rust. In fact, when copper is exposed to moisture, such as in pipes transporting water, it forms patina. Patina is a naturally occurring green coating that seals in the inner layers of copper making it extremely resistant to corrosion. Another property that makes copper desirable for water distribution is it’s natural resistance to bacteria. Copper’s anti-bacterial properties make it an ideal material for preserving public health in large-scale water distribution efforts.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration:

Copper’s incredible strength and ability to handle extreme temperatures also influence its use in air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration. Copper tubing in HVAC systems warm our homes and businesses during the winter months and cool these same environments in the heat of the summer. Copper is lightweight, resistant to corrosion in systems that produce condensation, and strong in the face of oscillating temperatures. In fact, compared to aluminum, copper’s thermal performance is estimated to be 8 times higher.

Medical Gases:

As mentioned above, copper has a natural anti-bacterial property. This propensity to ward off germs makes it the perfect material to use in the medical field. One way that copper tubing plays a star role in the world of healing is by delivering life saving gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and other gases used in hospitals and clinics around the world. Its strength insures that gases do not escape into the environment and that they are not contaminated by outside sources. Copper tubes deliver clean and pure medical gases to the patient without the risk of contamination from the delivery process.

Fire Sprinklers:

Fire sprinkler systems must function at a moments notice and are essential when disaster strikes. This means that they need to be long lasting and reliable, even when sitting dormant for years at a time. In addition to copper’s resistance to corrosion, it is also resistant to fire. According to, “Copper piping systems will not burn or support combustion, decompose to toxic gases or carry fire through floors, walls and ceilings in a fire situation.” This means that copper tubes will continue to deliver water flow to aid in fire fighting even in the most extreme of circumstances.

Keep your eyes open this week for all the ways that copper shows up in your daily life. Thanks to simple copper tubing we have essentials like indoor water, heating, cooling, and refrigeration. We also have access to life saving gases in the medical field and reliable sprinkler systems in the case of fire emergencies. Life sure would be a lot different without copper! Call GLA Sales Inc today for all your copper tubing needs.

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