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 HVAC Components
HVAC Tubing

Straight Lengths

(range = 0.125 inch to 504 inches /42 feet)

If your product falls outside the published ranges please contact our office with your requirements. Main Office 903-653-0941.

Alloy Common Names

C10100 = Oxygen-Free-Electronic Copper

C10200 = Oxygen-Free Copper

C12000 = DLP (Deoxidized Low Phosphorus) Copper

C12200 = DHP (Deoxidized High Phosphorus) Copper

C19400 = HSM Copper

C22000 = Commercial Bronze (90/10)

C23000 = Red Brass (85/15)

C26000 = Cartridge Brass (70/30)

C27000 = Yellow Brass (65/35)

C33000 = Low Leaded Brass

Tube Dimension Range in Inches

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